UMAPs Membership Information

As a Medical Associate Professional, you are committed to providing exceptional care and expertise. At UMAPs, we understand the unique challenges you face and are dedicated to supporting you at every stage of your career. Whether you are a seasoned professional, a recent graduate, or a student just starting out, UMAPs offers a membership tailored to meet your needs.

Membership Options

*Discount applies for the 1st year of the contract. “Basic” membership will renew at £25, “Professional” at £45.

Membership Benefits

Thriving Online Community

A secure space to connect with peers and reduce professional isolation.


Comprehensive protection for your professional practice.

Advocacy & PR

Dedicated PR and advocacy to protect your professional reputation.

24h Helpline

Immediate help and guidance for any claims or issues related to your indemnity coverage.

Education Platform

Access to free CPD courses, monthly seminars, and weekly challenges to enhance your skills.

Employment Law Cover

Expert advice and representation for employment contracts and professional issues.

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Our Professional Membership is the most comprehensive plan, providing extensive support and complete coverage to ensure you can practice with confidence and security. This includes expert advice on employment law, robust grievance and disciplinary support, full medical indemnity, and worldwide Good Samaritan cover. Additionally, you’ll benefit from unlimited access to CPD courses, seminars, and interactive challenges, ensuring your professional development never stops. Our dedicated PR and advocacy services work tirelessly to protect and enhance your professional reputation. Plus, you’ll be part of a safe and supportive online community where you can connect with peers and reduce professional isolation.

For those who prefer essential support without the full suite of benefits, our Basic Membership offers vital protections and resources. This includes expert guidance on employment contracts, grievance and disciplinary support, professional advocacy, and access to our education platform with free CPD courses and regular seminars. It’s designed to keep you protected, supported, and connected, providing the essential tools you need to succeed in your role.

For students entering the medical associate profession, our Student Membership provides the perfect starting point. This plan includes free medical indemnity, tailored CPD courses and materials, and expert employment law advice. You’ll also have access to professional advocacy and a secure online community where you can connect with peers and mentors. It’s designed to give you the support and resources you need to excel in your studies and prepare for a successful career.

At UMAPs, our commitment is to your professional journey. We offer the highest level of protection, support, and professional development opportunities, ensuring you stay protected, supported, and connected at every stage of your career. Join UMAPs today and invest in your professional future.

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