UMAPs Statement in Response to the BMA Guidance for the Supervision of Medical Associate Professionals 22/05/2024 [1] 

Written by UMAPs Ltd

June 7, 2024

UMAPs expresses disappointment for the publication of further potentially harmful documents. As previously stated, the BMA, as a union for doctors, cannot unilaterally create and publish official guidance on scope or supervision of MAPs. Any attempt to do so can only be taken as an act of hostility or potential negligence. While the BMA is entitled to express its opinions, it must follow appropriate official channels to influence stakeholders. We urge the BMA to consider the legal implications of such advice, given the indefensible legal positions employers have been left in due to previous BMA ‘guidance’. 

We are grateful that the BMA has managed to draw the focus of MAP stakeholders onto issues that have been a constant source of friction for both the doctors supervising MAPs and MAPs themselves. The advocacy of the BMA to address these gaps has led to a fresh and renewed motivation for the key stakeholders to resolve these issues.  

We acknowledge that several of the recommendations are reasonable and closely resemble the FPARCP scope and supervision document recently published without authorisation. For those recommendations not already in use, we will consider the potential for stakeholders to adopt them. 

Unfortunately, the points of agreement were a small minority, and we have serious concerns that this document will exacerbate the antagonistic working environments and unprofessional interactions our members face. Against the best interest of patients, it appears to seek division within the multidisciplinary team. 

We would like to thank the Medical Defence Union for clarifying to the BMA that PAs are, of course, accountable for their own actions [2]. We hope this provides some reassurance to those rightly concerned by previous disinformation. 

Lastly, we would like to remind both PAs and their employers of the BMAs disclaimer, ‘This document should not be treated as employment advice to members on their current interactions with MAPs. In respect of the Safe Scope of Practice for MAPs Recommendations and this document, reference should be made to individual employment contracts, work schedules, etc. before taking any action that may be in breach of contract and/or GMC guidance’. For employer guidance, please refer to NHSEs Summary of Existing Guidance [3]. We look forward to the publication of further official MAP guidance.  

PA Stephen Nash   

On Behalf of the Caretaker Council 


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